Chungbuk Alps 5 Day Course

Length: 4nights/5days

Area: Chungcheongbukdo, Songnisan National Park 4 hours bus from Seoul

Course: This is a breathtaking 50km, guided 5 day course that traverses a continuous ridge allowing for lengthy views across the mountain-scape of Korea.

Season: Ideal times are from Sep to late October (Fall), or April through to end of May (Spring). Otheriwise June to August (Summer), or sever hiking can also be acheived in Winter, beautiful yet challenging with winter gear required. 

Fitness levels: This tough yet rewarding hike is best performed by each individual carrying their own sleeping equipment, food, and water supplies. We are looking at packs of 12kg plus. This way we can sleep on the ridge each night, saving us time and energy.  Depending on circumstances, there may sometimes be an opportunity for us to sleep in a mountain village, but this needs to be a group consensus decision as the effort to get off the ridge and then back on it the next day has to be weighed up against the benefits of a potential hot shower, cold beer and delicious foods.

Costs: 1 person $2000USD, extra $500 per person, maximum 4 hikers. Price includes all trail foods.

Trail description

Day 1: After Sleeping at Hike Korea’s village house the night before, we rise early and head to our start point at Seowon-ri. Traverse the ridge through to Gubyeongsan, sleep on ridge.

Day 2: Stay on ridge and descend slightly to Jang go-gae, visit a small mountain spirit shrine on the trail, and ascend towards the Baekdu Daegan ridge where we join it and ascend further to Hyeongjebong. Option to sleep in this area, or descend to Piat-jae, where there are more options to sleep in a mountain home-stay in Mansu valley.

Day 3: Continue on the Baekdu Daegan ridge and climb to Cheonwangbong 1057m. Follow the ridge animated with large mounds of white boulder all the way to Munjangdae. Sleep out at that location.

Day 4: Begin the tough course to Myobong, traversing Gwaneumbong 983m. This area offers a series of steep drop-offs and ascents assisted by fixed ropes. The area is also littered with flat rocky platforms with endless vistas of the mountain-scape.

Day 5: Spend our last day continuing on the descending but undulating rocky ridge down to the village area of Sinjeong-ri, passing over the features of Sanghakbong 861m and Maebong. Head back to Hike Korea’s village house, shower, and have a big feed of delicious mountain vegetables, meats, and alcohols. Sleep over there. 

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