Remote island hikes of Korea. 

There are over 3500 islands off the Korean Peninsula of which most are uninhabited. In South Korea the majority of these lie off the southwest and southern coasts. Arriving at your small island, you feel isolated. Wandering around its villages, beaches, and mountains, you saunter like a marooned explorer, marveling at the sea and landscape, sometimes wondering if you really are in Korea, the coastline so breathtakingly surreal. To travel to these isles you need some time. From major city centers, it can take a whole day if not more to get to your destination. Schedules are also controlled by tide and weather. Activities on the islands consist of cross country hiking over mountains from village to village, beach to beach, stopping at cultural attractions. Dinners and food will be purchased at local taverns. Camping is also an option. Fitness levels need to be moderate to high.

Best season for traveling the islands are in the warmer months between April and early December with June to August being the peak season.

Be the first to travel these islands this way. Refer to the tours on offer below. All tours can be custom built to the design of the traveler. Please contact me for more information on customized itineraries that suit your travel demands. My prices vary per island tour because of distance to get to them and ferry logistics.

 Gageodo Island, Sinangun, Jeollanamdo, Korea.

 In a straight line Gageodo island is about 140km southwest of Mokpo city in Jeollanamdo. Mokpo can be accessed easily from Seoul by KTX train. The journey takes about 3hrs. Gageodo-island the remotest inhabited island in Southwest Korea. For this very reason, Gageodo Island is a great place to visit along with its unique culture and flora and fauna. With a population of only 530 and 9.08km² of land, Gageodo Island offers the traveler a unique experience with a group of island people that take pride in their fishing culture and extraordinary geographical terrain. Around late October and November it is possible to see Korea’s famous Jejudo Island some 150km away from Gageodo Island’s highest peak of Deoksil-san at 639m. Click here to find it on Google Maps!

ITINERARY:  This trip entails a three day hike around the island, sleeping in local taverns, and a lighthouse. The trail is wild and barely used, passing through evergreen forests, along high seaside cliffs, and onto rocky peninsula's. You seriously won't think your in Korea. Contact me for more info. 

PRICE: 4 nights/5 Days: $1250USD for one traveler, extra $250 per extra traveler, price includes ferry  fees from Mokpo, accommodations and food. Max 4 travelers. 

 Hueksando and Hongdo Islands - Sinangun, Jeollanamdo, Korea

 Hueksando island is the main island of the Heuksan-myeon region of Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do and is surrounded by about 100 islets of which 11 are inhabited. It is accessed from Mokpo port which can got to by KTX train from Seoul on a 3hr journey. Hueksando got its name from the vivid colors of its mountain and surrounding seas that give it a black appearance which couldn't be further from the truth. It has many natural sites and cultural attractions on which to visit and has a proud maritime history that features diverse aspects of maritime folklore such as shaman rituals, myth’s and sailors songs. Its coastline is abound with small port villages that also contain some pleasant beaches. 

 Hongdo island is the most western island in Heuksan-myeon. Its small population consists of two villages that commute to each other via boat. The island is adorned with spectacular sea cliffs that fall into deep clear jade colored water that house local food specialities such as Skate, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Abalone, and Seaweed. Click to see it on Google Maps

ITINERARY: Take ferry direct from Mokpo, spend 3 nights hiking around Hueksando visiting cultural relics, sleeping in taverns, or camping on beaches. Spend one night on Hongdo do a circiut hike before returnign the next day direct back to Mokpo. 

PRICE: 4 nights/5 days: $1250 for one traveler, $175 per extra traveler, max 4 travelers. Cost includes all ferry costs from Mokpo, food and accommodations.

Baegnyeongdo & Daecheongdo Islands - Ongjingun, Gyeonggido, Korea

 These two islands are located about 230km northwest of Incheon port, and only 12km from North Korea. Baegnyeongdo has soem spectacular coastline to see including the Dumujin seacliffs. Being the larger and closest to North Korea it has been the scene of various naval skirmishes over previous decades, and has some interesting military tourism attractions to see. Daecheongdo is the smaller and quieter island with some of Korea's best beaches on it. Hard to beleive that such gems are so close to Seoul. These islands are definitley worth a far-off visit. Click here to find it on Google Maps.

ITINERARY: 3 nights/4 days - first two nights will be spent on Baegnyeongdo, circumnavigating the island on foot or by using local transport. One night spent on Daecheongdo in a beach accommodation, relaxing.

PRICE: $1000USD for one traveler, $175 each extra traveler, includes ferry costs from Incheon, food, and accommodations. 

  Geomundo and Baekdo Islands - Yeosugun, Jeollanamdo, Korea

Located about 85km south of Yeosu city, these islands are part of the Dadohae Marine National Park. Geomundo consists of three inhabited islands named Seodo, Dongdo, and the smallest one Godo being the administrative island for the group. Geomundo has kept its island charm with a mixture of Korean and Japanese style architecture. It was also once inhabited by a small cluster of British sailors whom are buried in the local cemetary. Geomundo is the access point for the famous Baekdo Island group, a spectacular array of uninhabited rock pinnacles attached with numerous legends. These are a real sight to see. Click here to find it on Google Maps.

ITINERARY: 2 nights/3 days. Leave from Yosu port, spend both nigts on Geomundo with a half day excursion to Baekdo via local ferry. Time on Geomundo will be spent hiking its ridge, visiting its evergreen forests, lighthouse, and small village communties. It also has a pleasant beach. There is a KTX bullet train from Seoul to Yeosu, takes about 3hrs 40min.

PRICE: $900USD for one traveler, $150USD for each extra traveler, includes ferry costs from Yeosu port, food, and accommodations.

 Bogildo and Nohwado Islands - Wandogun, Jeollanamdo

 These two islands are part of a cluster located about 12km south of the larger Wando island connected to the mainalnad by a bridge in Jeollanamdo. Wando can be accessed directly by express bus from Seoul (5hrs). Bogildo is mixture of rich fishing culture, hiking trails, swimming beaches, evergreen forests, and has a proud Confucian history that still houses fine architectural structures and gardens. Surrounded by blue sea, Bogil-do is the gem of all islands in this area. Click here to find it on Google Maps.

Nohwado Island is where the ferry from Wando docks to access Bogildo island. However, Nohwado shouldn’t be over-looked, because if you are looking for something less touristy and quite natural, then Nohwado island offers the visitor an opportunity to experience an island with a strong agricultural and aquaculture background farmed by friendly pleasant locals.

ITINERARY; 3nights/3days - two nights spent on Bogildo, one on Nohwado. We can move around these islands by using sets of local hiking trails that will take us through the islands full array of cultural and historical relics. 

PRICE: $900USD for one traveler, $150 for each extra traveler, includes ferry costs from Wando, food, and accommodations.

 Gwanmaedo Island in Jindogun, Jeollanamdo, Korea.

 Gwanmaedo Island is part of the Jindo-gun island province in south west Korea. Jindo port can be accessed directly by express fom Seoul (5hrs). Gwanmaedo is recognized as the most scenic island in this area which is part of the Dadohae National Marine Park. Located about 17km south of Jindo island it offers its visitors a beautiful mixture of excellent beaches, rocky cliffs and boulders, mountains, hiking trails, traditional villages, unique pine forests, delicious sea foods, and friendly locals. The island is clean and petite and remains mildly undeveloped without ATM facilities and Post office. It is also a gateway to many other islands in this area that offer the traveler a plethora of remote island paradises to visit. The island also has a list of 8 scenic viewpoints of which to visit. Click to find it on Google maps.

ITINERARY: 4nights/five days one night spent on Jindo Island, two on Gwanmaedo, and one on an outer island. This tour is a mixture of small ferry travel, and hiking from village to village.

PRICE: $1250USD for one traveler, $175USD per extra traveler, max 4 travelers, includes ferry costs, food, and accommodations.