National Parks of Korea

img_visit01.gifAs in all countries, National Parks normally host the gems of a nations landscape, Korea is no exception. The parks are well managed and some of them offer shelter facilities. Most have camping grounds located at park entrances along with numerous hotels and restaurants. Some parks also have hermitages that allow hikers to stay in overnight. Camping inside the parks is normally strictly forbidden, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. 

The national park system in Korea began in 1967, and there are now twenty parks spread throughout Korea including four marine parks, and one historical park. Hike Korea can take you on hikes through any of these parks, ranging from one day hikes up to seven days, depending on the size of the park and what facilities it offers. Hike Korea can also take you on a customized road tour to a selection of national parks that suits your time schedule - extra costs are incurred to cover vehicle operation for this enjoyable travel style. 

Rates in USD include campsite, hermitage or shelter accommodation: One person $500 per day, an extra $100 per person after that for camping or shelter sleeping. Maximum four persons. Other reduced prices for walks longer than a day can be seen below. 

Individual rates only. Please contact me for group pricing. All prices are negotiable.

Jirisan: 1 to 7 day hikes sleeping mainly in huts - $500(1D/1N) to $2250(7D/6N) contact me for more daily rates. 

Seoraksan: 1 to 3 day hikes sleeping mainly in huts and hermitages - $500(1D/1N) to $1000(3D/2N) 

Dogyusan: 1 to 2 day hikes sleeping mainly in huts - $500(1D/1N) to $800(2D/2N)

Songnisan: 1 to 5 day hikes camping or sleeping in hermitages sometimes country homestays - $500(1D1N) to $1600(5D/4N)

Sobaeksan: 1 to 3 day hikes camping or sleeping in country homestays - $500(1D1N) to $1000(3D/2N) 

Wolchulsan: 1 to 2 day hikes camping or sleeping in country homestays - $500(1D/1N) to $800(2D/2N)

All other parks are best done as day hike explorations but can be extended to suit the hiker.